Sonja Kassenboehmer

Sonja Kassenboehmer is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Economics at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Her research focuses on the analysis of economic decision-making and the formation of health and human capital over the life cycle. Her work contributes to a better understanding on where and when policy should intervene to reduce inequality and maximize the welfare of society. For example, her research has advanced our knowledge on the extent to which non-cognitive skills (such as perseverance, conscientiousness, emotional regulation and social skills) are important in predicting behaviour and life outcomes. Her current research investigates the mechanisms behind differential development and returns to non-cognitive skills between rich and poor. According to IDEAS/RePeC – the largest bibliographic database of economists worldwide – Sonja currently ranks in the top 9% of all economists and top 6% of female economists worldwide. She has published in journals such as the Economic Journal, Industrial and Labour Relations Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Journal of Human Capital, Labour Economics and Economics Letters.