Ieva Sriubaite, M.Sc.

Ieva Sriubaite graduated with the Bachelors of Econometrics degree at Vilnius University, the faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. In 2013 she entered the Master of Economics program at Ruhr University Bochum. During her studies, she has worked as a research assistant at several chairs (Chair of Econometrics, Chair of Microeconomics and Chair of Public Finance and Economic Policy). In 2014 she became a guest researcher at RWI Essen and wrote her master thesis in corporation with the institute. In her thesis, she evaluated the hospital market shrinkage effect on in-hospital-mortality and travelling time of acute myocardial infarct patients in Germany. In 2015 Ieva became a research associate at CINCH and joined the junior research group EACH.